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Alice (French)    Attending classes with my teachers Sally and Jennie wasn’t only a way to learn English. It was a place where I could gain confidence and share my feelings with other foreigners – and, by the way, some of them are still my friends now! And most importantly Sally allowed me to express myself in English without fear of feeling embarrassed or judged, even with grammar mistakes, the wrong preposition or (at first) my awful pronunciation. What a fabulous feeling to know that we can learn English with pleasure and fun. Sally and Jennie are not ordinary teachers; they give the best of themselves to explain boring grammar rules or twisted spelling by constantly encouraging us. Depending on your goal or your ambition, they are attentive to your needs and make sure that your life as a foreigner in the UK will run as smoothly as possible!

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Gorka (Spanish)    Sally gave me all the support and help I needed to improve my English to proficiency level, enabling me to pursue employment within my engineering specialism in prominent English-speaking companies. I thoroughly enjoyed her lessons; she has a professional teaching style and I found her lessons engaging and effective. She used lots of different methods to turn theory into practice and always answered any questions I had about English from the class or from self study at home. The feedback Sally gave me in class and for homework was very useful and clear and really helped me to become an independent user of English. I highly recommend her as a teacher.

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Beata (Polish)    Are you looking for an outstanding place to learn English? Choose ‘Cheshire English Lessons’. Jennie and Sally are the best language teachers I’ve ever had, no doubt! Always well prepared and ready to help. They adjust teaching methods to each student’s abilities, and we were motivated to work hard. We wrote hundreds of homework tasks!!! Due to that I made a great improvement during the last two years of taking part in their lessons and, as a result, I passed IELTS exam and gained entry to university. My dream came true! If anyone wants to study English, go to these professional, smart and amusing teachers!

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Wiebke (German)    Excellent English lessons – actually, the best I’ve ever had! Thanks to Sally’s funny, dynamic and varied way of teaching two hours of English class after work will fly by. But you will quickly notice all the new words and cultural phenomena you’ve learned in class in your everyday life in the UK. And this definitely gives you the edge over (just) immersing into the English language and culture by living in the UK – You will now associate new vocab with funny and interactive discussions or one of Sally’s very appreciated little anecdotes. Thank you very much for the great time and the warm and informal atmosphere.

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Shawqi (Kurdish)    As an English language learner, I really enjoyed studying this course. The classes are enlivened by outstanding teaching quality helping you improve step by step, and this is supported by informative teaching materials. The tutors are very engaging and well experienced. They are always there when you need help. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is looking to take their English skills to a new level.

Lukasz (Polish)    I was a student of class with Cheshire English Lessons last year and I truly recommend the classes for everyone. What you can expect going there it is a really friendly atmosphere and enjoyable way of teaching with different materials. I am absolutely certain that everyone who joins classes will be more then happy.

Nourhan (Palestinian)    My experience at Cheshire English Lessons has been unbelievably wonderful and beneficial. Studying there for 3 months so far has really added a lot to my English. I can summarise the advantages of being a student there in the following points:

  1. The four skills are developed in parallel during each class.
  2. Homework for every class is very useful with feedback and follow up.
  3. Few students in each level so that weaknesses of each student are highlighted and treated perfectly .
  4. Amazingly professional and cooperative teacher.
  5. Flexible timetable.
  6. Fees are reasonable and payment is flexible.

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Yoana (Bulgarian)

I have known Jennie for 9 years, she was my first English teacher. When I heard that she was teaching I joined her class straight away. She has a great ability to make efficient use of her lesson time, she perfectly coordinates classroom resources and space and manages students’ behaviour with clear rules that are consistently enforced, enabling learning to take place.

I would definitely recommend Cheshire English Lessons, it is suitable for any stage of your English knowledge. Beginners, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper intermediate, Advanced and Proficient levels.


Arantxa (Spanish)

I can say that I learnt a great deal from Sally. She is a very organised person who makes the most of her classes. She makes you understand the most complicated grammar without hassle. You will learn English in the most natural way, from discussing current news to improving the writing skills that you need for applying for a job. She has the ability to understand students’ needs and find the right words to describe exactly what you mean to say, she will also give you the best tips for your writing. I can say that I still have her notes and I go over again every time that I need to. She is an excellent teacher who will make the difference in your learning.

Jenny was my first teacher when I came to Chester 6 years ago. She is very patient and approachable, giving you the confidence and security that you need to learn a second language. Her friendly and supportive attitude will motivate you throughout your learning. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as she makes your learning experience very enjoyable. Learning English with Jennie is having lots of fun.


Emilio (Uruguayan)

A few years ago I had the privilege to be one of Jennie’s students. When I came to England I knew that I had to improve my English in order to achieve my goals. She was my teacher for ESOL intermediate and upper-intermediate, it was such and amazing experience to share the classroom with her and people around the world trying to improve their English. She was an excellent teacher, proactive, approachable, patient and funny, always listening to the students and giving them the best answers.

When I finished my upper-intermediate, I joined the advanced class with Sally, another excellent teacher. I would recommend both teachers as a tutors for your English courses. It is an important way to improve your language skills, get the job that you are looking for or go to university.